As a financial institution, you’re facing intense regulatory requirements and a myriad of ever-changing regulations and rules. You need to proactively address these challenges and stay abreast of requirements, expectations and industry practices while reducing the cost of compliance programs. We provide a comprehensive, risk-based approach to compliance review by specializing in providing financial institutions real solutions and guidance through ever changing consumer protection and anti-discrimination regulatory requirements.

Our services, including outsourced compliance audits, compliance management system reviews, exam preparation and risk assessments, help banking companies identify and mitigate issues before they become a regulatory risk and result in litigation, financial penalties, regulatory constraints, and reputational damage. We deliver prompt findings reports and provide action plan recommendations, as well as review updated disclosures and advertisements – all to support your efforts in improving the effectiveness of your compliance program. We can also provide Compliance Monitoring | 2nd Line of Defense services.    

The scope of our Regulatory Compliance services include:

  •  Outsourced Compliance Audits
    • Loan Origination Compliance
    • Loan Servicing Compliance
    • Fair Lending and Redlining Reviews
    • Community Reinvestment Act
    • Deposit Compliance
    • UDAAP and Third Party Risk Management
    • HMDA and CRA LAR Data Integrity
  • Compliance Management System or Compliance Program Review:  A review of an institution’s written policies and procedures, training program, risk assessments, management structure and compliance officer’s authority and responsibilities with a identification of gaps.
  • Compliance Exam Preparation – Need help preparing for an exam?  Our seasoned team can help you assimilate the myriad of requests examiners make and assist with ensuring accuracy and completeness of all requests
  • Regulatory Risk Assessments – Our risk assessment services aid in developing step-by-step guides in identifying risk as it is associated with the financial institution’s products, services and business lines. A key deliverable includes ability to measure risk and receive mitigation practices.

Regulatory Compliance

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