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We’re more than a job. More than an accounting firm. More than a business services provider. We’re a trusted partner because we’re invested in our communities. And when you join Elliott Davis, you become part of our community.

We’re invested in your development from the beginning. We give you a seat at the table, unlock your strengths, and build trust through collaboration. You have the freedom to access everything you need to make your professional and personal aspirations a reality.


We’re united in growth because when you grow, we grow. Start your journey with Elliott Davis and see what amazing things we can accomplish together.

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Early Career

Choose a firm that understands what we do together is more than work. Discover all the ways Elliott Davis rewards you for starting your career here.

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Make space for more. More trust, more collaboration, more opportunities, more growth. Take your career to the next level with Elliott Davis.

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work that works.

For your life

There's life beyond your job, and we get that. We prioritize our people with:

  • Paid firm holidays, including the week between Christmas and the New Year
  • Generous time away
  • Paid maternity, adoption, parental and caregiver leave
  • Flexible work schedules

For your future

Your personal and professional growth is a priority for the entire Elliott Davis team. As you develop new skills and build a living, breathing career, we’ll support you with:

  • Elliott Davis Beyond, a program designed to help you expand your life beyond work
  • One-on-one monthly meetings with a coach during your first three years as an associate
  • StrengthsFinder® assessment for all employees
  • Manager Essentials training
  • CPA continuing education credits

For your community

We believe that people work best when they feel respected and heard, and we aim to create a sense of belonging for all team members. We take pride in serving each other and our communities through:

  • People Together, an initiative that cultivates awareness, belonging, inclusivity, diversity, and equity
  • Firm-wide events to increase community with each other: Surge, Field Day, and Bridge the Gap lunches
  • Elliott Davis Cares, an initiative that connects employees to volunteer opportunities

For your well-being

To perform at your best, you’ve got to feel your best. Your health — both physical and mental — is foundational to our shared success. We provide resources that allow you to tap into your best self, such as:

  • Mental health support through confidential resources
  • Wellness consultation and coaching
  • Onsite gym (most locations) or discounted gym memberships
  • Health coaching for stress management and other well-being initiatives

Sarah Brams

Senior Campus Recruiter

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"The people! I genuinely love coming to work every day and being surrounded by such smart, talented, and compassionate people!"

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Project a can-do attitude – attitudes are contagious, and your drive, passion and motivation is what will set you apart from others!"

Grace Burleson

Senior Campus Recruiter

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"The people! Since day 1, I have felt included and supported. You are encouraged to be yourself and grow as a professional. The values at Elliott Davis are brought to fruition everyday and it makes working at a place like this so enjoyable. I look forward to coming to work."

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Being a mentor to young professionals who are trying to get their career started. Seeing one of your recruits go from student to intern to full-time employee is incredible. The relationships I have made with students and interns even in the first year I have been here has been great!"

Blake Morgan

Campus Recruiter

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"Working in an environment that is driven by making positive impacts for its people and community."

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Try to have as many conversations as possible with professionals. This will only help solidify when you find the right “fit” for your professional journey. There are many ways to meet talented folks from one organization. Attend as many recruiting events as your schedule allows, or just reach out to your local Campus Recruiter for guidance."

April Jasmin

Campus Recruiting Specialist

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"My favorite part about working at Elliott Davis is the flexibility. I have always felt encouraged to spend time away from work when needed which is really refreshing. Being able to take the time I need to disconnect from work allows me to come back recharged and more focused."

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Take time to shop around. Connect with as many firms and people within those firms, in order to give you a good grasp of where you see yourself fitting best. Any firm you interact with, you will likely end up doing the same job as an accountant, but what matters most is how each experience and person you interact with within the firm makes you feel."

Bliss Zechman

Campus Recruiter

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"My first week at Elliott Davis, I had a team of eager colleagues signing me up to bake cookies at the Ronald McDonald House. That’s one way to make a great first impression! Happy to report that first impression turned into a lasting one. I’m proud to work for a company with a true, philanthropic spirit!"

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Curiosity is key. Know Elliott Davis' values and how your strengths align with them."

Wynter Elder

Campus Recruiting Manager

What do you love most about working at Elliott Davis?

"I appreciate the growth opportunities given to me over the course of my tenure with Elliott Davis. I have held six totally different roles during my time with the firm. Each time, as my skill sets have grown and adapted, the firm has allowed me to pivot those skills into something new that benefits my personal growth as well as the firm’s growth."

Best piece of advice for prospective candidates?

"Be yourself! Be candid about what you want and showcase your best self. Be sure you aren’t trying to fit yourself into whatever version you think the employer wants as an ill-fitting role in the beginning doesn’t become better with time – it simply leads to burnout and disappointment in the long run."

"Everything I was told in my interview has been true. Elliott Davis truly lives the mission and values. Other companies say one thing but do another! Elliott Davis practices what they preach through community service, mutual respect, and sharing ideas."

Anna Kate Lockman

Senior, State & Local Tax

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more than work.

We’re breaking accounting stereotypes by focusing on what matters: our people and our communities. When you join Elliott Davis, you can count on:

Flexible Work-Life Harmony

Work the way that gets you, Elliott Davis, and our customers the best results.

A Team-Driven, Collaborative Environment

Together, we can do so much more.

Approachable Leaders

Learn from the top. But more importantly, get heard by the top.

Community Engagement

Organized opportunities to put our enthusiasm for doing good into practice.

Work that Excites You

Benefit from our broad industry exposure and service offerings and choose work you’re passionate about.

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Agency Recruitment Policy

Notice to Recruiters and Agencies regarding unsolicited resumes or candidate submissions without prior express written approval. Resumes submitted or candidates referred to any employee of Elliott Davis by any external recruiter or recruitment agency by any means (including but not limited to via Internet, e-mail, fax, U.S. mail, and/or verbal communications) without a properly executed written contract for a specified position by an authorized member of the Talent Acquisition team become the property of Elliott Davis. Elliott Davis will not be responsible for, or owe any fees associated with, referrals of those candidates and/or for submission of.

Please contact the Elliott Davis Talent team to initiate the process to become an agency partner at:

Subject: Agency Partner Request

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