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Gone are the days when old-fashioned competition between companies was the biggest threat facing organizations. Today, cyberattacks pose one of the most formidable challenges any business will face. Elliott Davis’ Digital Operations and Cybersecurity team helps companies develop and implement comprehensive cyber risk solutions. Safeguard your business, as well as your customers’ critical assets and data.

Here’s How We Can Help

Cybersecurity Assessment

Evaluate existing security programs, measuring against proven industry standards

Incident Response Development and Tabletop Testing

Develop and test incident response plans

Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning

Identify potential internal and external network vulnerabilities and weaknesses

Network Architectural Review

Provide a holistic view of confidentiality, integrity, and availability from a security perspective

Policy Creation and Enhancement

Audit cybersecurity policies and procedures

Provide cybersecurity services to bring staffing up to speed

Social Engineering Assessment

Assess employee security awareness

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Jimmy Buddenberg


George Jouldjian


Lizzie Tinker

Senior Manager

Case Studies

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