August 8, 2023

Improve Organizational Performance through People, Process and Technology

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A day at any business may differ from company to company based on what services or products they offer, but all businesses have similar operational tasks. Meetings, contracts, proposals, projects, challenges, brainstorming sessions… so much goes into making an organization function. And for any business to be successful, all these tasks require a defined structure to be sustainable, efficient, and effective.

Business systems, when properly setup, deployed and managed, will support organizations to maximize efficiency and keep the ball rolling. Having good business systems in place is the key for any business to thrive. When there is uncertainty about the health of these systems, management should regroup, reorganize and if needed, seek help.

The good news is seeking help does not always equate to new investments, new hires, or new technologies. Many times, all that is needed is a recalibration of what is already in place. When economic uncertainty is top of mind, leveraging current practices and systems can help organizations meet their functional needs and goals, while creating positive impact and a healthy work environment—limiting costly investments and maximizing current resources.

What Business Systems Are and How to Leverage What Is Already in Place

Business Systems are a group of practices, processes, procedures, and technology that, when defined, planned, and implemented together, helps to guarantee successful results, no matter if you are part of a startup or running a multimillion-dollar company. Having systems set to work together is the key to successful results and can help ensure sustainable growth, with the added bonus of keeping your employees happy!

Business Systems are categorized into People, Processes and Technology. Each has their own strength and capabilities, but they are stronger when working in sync, with a defined structure.

People the “Who” = the stakeholders behind the operation. No technology will ever be 100% sufficient without human interaction. After all, technology is only as good as what a human brain decides what it can or will do.

Processes the “How” = the step by step on how operations should run. Only your people understand the ins and outs of your company structure and goals, and it is based on these goals that processes need to be defined. Each business is unique and “out of the box” process flows often do not meet businesses’ needs.

Technology the “What” = the tool that when designed, configured, and implemented correctly, based on the established processes needed, will make the operation efficient and effective.

In summary, the right combination of people, processes and technology creates a framework that drives productivity, creates value, improves efficiency, and supports an organization in reaching its strategic goals.

This is the first article in a series in which we take a deeper look at what each area- people, process, and technology, entails, why they are important, and how to evaluate if yours needs attention.

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