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Identifying opportunities for improvement is a continuous organizational journey. However, pinpointing areas of improvement and addressing gaps in excellence can be overwhelming. Additionally, not all organizations have the right resources or expertise to execute on transformational initiatives.

That’s where Elliott Davis comes in- we act as an accountability partner to ensure efforts succeed without disrupting core business operations. At Elliott Davis, we help organizations create sustainable improvement plans by leveraging our deep expertise in multiple industries and service lines to deliver unparalleled problem-solving capabilities.

We have a customer and operator mindset, so whether in the boardroom or on the shop floor, we’re wired to drive highly personalized and practical results. Our team’s ability to offer comprehensive recommendations on complex issues is unmatched.

Metrics, KPIs, and efficiency improvements

Inventory management

Process improvements

Product costing / cost accounting

Procurement and supply chain strategy

Business turnaround and recovery

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Charles M. Duke III

Full Principal

Peter K. Barton


Austin Flynn


Graham Moseley


Alex Althoff

Senior Manager

Robert Stallard

Senior Manager

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