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January 25, 2024

Helping a real estate investment firm focus on future growth

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Leaders of a real estate investment firm services firm asked Elliott Davis: “Can you help us align our processes and technology with best practices in order to support our immense growth?”

  • Leading real estate investment firm headquartered in New York with offices across US, Brazil and Europe, experiencing significant growth across all markets
  • Processes and technology were found inefficient, challenging growth objectives and unable to meet the demands of business users
  • Needed an assessment of current technology ecosystem and identification of recommended systems and integration to meet business needs
Our Approach
  • Assessed current and desired processes and technology
  • Provided visual representation of current vs desired processes, outlining deficiencies where identified
  • Outlined functional needs and identified technology options for:
    • Project planning to accurately estimate, monitor and manage project budgets
    • Accounts payable processing and recording
    • Month end reporting, reconciliation of accounts and reporting
    • Integration of information tracked in MS Excel or other mediums
  • Provided support during project management application selection, including interviews, demonstrations, and analysis of vendor offerings
Client Impact
  • Achieved future state goals, obtained processes and tools for team to function efficiently, and streamlined daily tasks
  • Team and system positioned to support ongoing growth
  • Improved internal control structure through outline of tasks and responsibilities
  • Leveraged best practices in workflows, daily tasks, and project tracking
  • Identified and implemented technology ecosystem to support business needs
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