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June 13, 2024

Helping a real estate firm identify security vulnerabilities through a social engineering assessment

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Elliott Davis was asked: “We are concerned that our employees are susceptible to scams and may share critical company information or provide access to attackers. Can you complete a social engineering campaign to test our people?”

  • A developer, investor and owner of commercial properties throughout North America
  • Wanted to test the baseline of the company's security awareness

Our Approach
  • Received list of email and phone numbers of users/targets (White Box Approach) and leveraged several Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gain insight into individuals, including:
    • LinkedIn to identify employee location, tenure, position and title
    • FastPeopleSearch for aggregated content of employees and the company
    • Dork Dump to find publicly accessible files on company’s website
  • Created two campaigns or plausible pretexts
    • Convince target to provide organizational password and PIN
    • Convince target to provide password and MFA codes to log into Outlook account

Customer Impact
  • Received detailed executive report of results from successful campaigns, including recommendations for remediation:
    • 1. Awareness training to never provide personal or sensitive information via phone or disclose MFA codes
    • 2. Implement procedures to validate and verify identification of callers/emailers
    • 3. Improve reporting of suspicious activity to IT
  • Implementing recommendations and improving overall security posture within the organization

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