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February 15, 2024

Helping a company with facility expansion and process automation to support growth

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Leaders of a firm asked Elliott Davis: Can you help us design our facility expansion to support our growth and automate key processes?

  • Premier event rental company located in Northeast U.S.
  • Existing warehouse lacked sufficient floorspace to support the company's growth
  • Labor intensive processes and a highly seasonal industry creating high labor costs
Our Approach
  • Assessed current state facility layout and supported selection of new equipment to automate processes with the highest labor costs
  • Incorporated existing inventory storage as well as new racking to expand inventory capacity in new warehouse
  • Utilized lean methodologies to balance space constraints with optimal material flow to create future state
  • Supported project management efforts through completion of facility expansion
Client Impact
  • Successfully managed the implementation of $3M+ of capex spend
  • Design efforts laid the groundwork for implementation of improved inventory management systems and process improvements

Combined efforts contributed to $740,000 year over year reduction in overtime spend

We also helped this customer with inventory management and process improvements.

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