Case Study
May 26, 2021

Private Equity and Operational Transformation

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Customer asked Elliott Davis: “Would you help us define and accelerate the operational transformation within our U.S. operations?”


Leading plastics manufacturer had exposure to multiple end-markets. The customer had recently been acquired by a large private equity group that was looking to boost performance.

Customer had been struggling with poor on-time in-full (OTIF) delivery to customers and low overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), which created a significant backlog, despite 24/7 shop-floor operations. Further, the business’s cost structure was burdened with poor labor productivity ratios and high material-usage variances.

Our Approach

Elliott Davis broke the project into five work streams, leveraging DMAIC principles:

(1) Data clarity and metric optimization

  • Processes for collection and cleansing of data that generated meaningful metrics to inform new metrics for management use

(2) Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Root-cause analysis of primary contributors to poor molding equipment, process performance
  • Improved equipment performance enabled workforce rightsizing

(3) Maximizing customer satisfaction

  • Identified drivers of OTIF issues, addressed root cause, and built ongoing monitoring tools
  • Improved OTIF (and customer satisfaction) generated demand increases from customers

(4) Material variance

  • Mapped material flow and addressed each waste-producing process

(5) Lean and 5S implementation

  • Implemented visual management strategies to provide transparency to shop-floor performance

Customer Results

  • Increased EBITDA by ~4x
  • Order backlog reduced by 75%
  • On-time-delivery increased from 45% to 93%
  • $480K annualized savings from scrap reduction
  • Plant-wide OEE increased by 41%
  • Reduced inventory by ~30%

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