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When conducting business globally, companies encounter challenges related to different tax systems, rates, compliance requirements, financial environments, and commercial practices, all while adapting to cultural differences and nuances. The International practice at Elliott Davis brings clarity to the complex multinational field by providing support and consultation in financial reporting, taxation, projections, and modeling.

Our experienced professionals serve customers whose needs range from those of global automotive manufacturing conglomerates to foreign-owned United States start-up tech companies. Customers include global companies, high-net-worth individuals with multinational businesses, trusts, and estates, and individuals with inpatriate/expatriate employment. Regardless of the industry or specialty, Elliott Davis has a committed team and network of international practitioners to help organizations conduct business on the global stage more efficiently and profitably.

Foreign-derived Intangible Income (FDII)

Doing Business in the U.S.

Moore North America has prepared a downloadable resource for international businesses seeking to conduct business in the United States. In addition to background information on the U.S., this booklet includes relevant information about business operations and taxation matters. This guide will assist organizations that are considering establishing a business in the U.S., either as a separated entity or as a subsidiary of an existing foreign company. It will also be helpful to anyone who is planning to work or live permanently in the U.S.

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