Entertainment & Sports

We understand the special demands and circumstances associated with the entertainment and sports industries and can respond quickly and appropriately. We will work with you to formulate solutions.


The entertainment and sports industries present unusual business challenges, and you require professionals who understand your unique needs. Our comprehensive advisory and financial services allow artists, performers and athletes like you to stay focused on what matters most: your creative and physical talents.

Whether you need support handling your financial business matters, preserving your wealth or doing business in multiple states, our Entertainment and Sports specialists are backstage and on
the sidelines.

Entertainment and Sports

Business Management

Bookkeeping and specialized accounting services. Prepare detailed financial statements. Process payroll and other funds disbursements. Negotiate and execute transactions and contracts

Entertainment and Sports

Tax Planning and Compliance

Prepare federal, state, and local income tax returns. Tax planning to maximize cash flow. Advise on international tax obligations. Estate and retirement planning. Life insurance evaluation for estate liquidity. Advise on tax minimization strategies, credits, and incentives. Evaluate the tax consequences of transactions, agreements, and contracts.

Entertainment and Sports

Investment Analysis

Evaluate risks and rewards for investment opportunities. Analyze investment terms and tax impact.

Entertainment and Sports

Box Office Settlements

Verify ticket sales and performance expenses. Ensure accuracy of box office settlements.

Entertainment and Sports

Concert Tour Accounting

Analysis of tour receipts and expenses. Prepare tour budgets and sales projections. Maintain accurate account of receivables and expenditures. Maximize tax deductions.

Entertainment and Sports

Royalty Examinations

Verify royalty statements and reported sales. Verify royalty contract agreement compliance.

Congratulations to all 2017 Midsouth Emmy Award Winners

As the official accountants for the Academy’s Midsouth Chapter, we are excited to have assisted…

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