The customer said, “I want insight into future cash flow to inform strategic capital investment.”


  • Manufacturing business with extensive capital needs and low tolerance for debt reached out to Elliott Davis with concerns about fluctuating cash balances. As input costs inflated, management wanted to know the ultimate impact on cash and net working capital.
  • With limited in-house resources, the customer reached out to our tax shareholder asking, “is there anyone in the firm who can help us build a cash flow model?” They wanted to know where they stood against industry competitors on pertinent ratios.

Our Approach

  • Elliott Davis evaluated the customer’s operations to understand all impacts on cash flow. Input and buy-in were required from key departments including finance, sales, and operations.

Onsite Plant Tour and Meetings

  • Walk through plant to understand operations impact on financials
  • Recurring onsite meetings to meet with key stakeholders and bolster model inputs

Model Build

  • Utilized management inputs to build 3-statement model including pro-forma income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement

Training and Launch

  • Rollout of model across all involved departments with presentation of output and planning capabilities
  • Continuous training on an ad hoc basis

Customer Impact

  • The client benefited from enhanced insight into anticipated future cash balances. Additionally, the exercise aligned the finance department with best practices for internal reporting and key performance metrics.
  • With the model, the business owner was able to track the company’s anticipated performance against industry benchmarking in a concise dashboard.

We Can Help

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