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With over 100 years of experience, we are excited about the future of manufacturing & distribution and helping our customers succeed. Managing and leading your business is challenging. Challenges persist with your markets, whether domestic or global, your supply chain, labor, regulation, taxes, productivity, digital transformation, and overall strategy. Our manufacturing & distribution professionals understand these challenges and can help you find opportunities to maximize growth and minimize risk.

Elliott Davis offers specialized services for manufacturers & distributors in a breadth of industries, including automotive, aviation, consumer goods, distribution, fibers, food, plastics, transportation, life sciences, wood, and a variety of others. Our services range from compliance with accounting, audit and tax matters to consulting and transformational services such as strategy, systems and automation, process improvement, project management, turnarounds, cybersecurity, and similar services tailored to help you optimize operations and grow. Our customer base includes startups to large multinationals with complex ownership structures including SEC reporting companies.

Moving forward with focus on exceptional customer experiences, our manufacturing & distribution services team has the skills, mindset, and drive to help you move forward and navigate the future with success. We stay attuned to trade changes, worldwide market exposure, and other hard trends, including robotic technology, artificial intelligence, an aging workforce, and global competition. We understand these challenges and have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate these issues with custom solutions that help manufacturing & distribution businesses operate more efficiently, profitably, and ultimately, successfully.

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William (Bill) H. Woodward


Michael W. Boliek


Rebecca Leshman


Richard J. Battle


R. Scott McClelland


Robert Belcher


Jennifer Goodman

Managing Director

Manufacturing and Distribution Services

Chris Sellitti


Nick Crandall

Managing Director

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