Elliott Davis was asked: “Can you help us streamline all of our real estate investments and provide services to support our on-going growth?”


  • Fast-growing Southeast real estate investment firm pursuing retail, office, hospitality, industrial, and office assets
  • Outgrew previous accounting firm
  • Required firm with real estate experience and collaborative accounting and tax services
  • Wanted to quickly pull all data across multiple entities and integrate new acquisitions
  • Needed consolidated reporting across investment portfolio

Our Approach

  • Assisted in moving company between software products to increase automation in back-office accounting processes
  • Created new bill payment account and synced new software with general ledger
  • Implemented financial reporting for cash flow forecasting and actionable financial insights
  • Process monthly draw package for bank
  • Meet with management quarterly to discuss financials and identify areas of efficiency improvement
  • Across each entity, provide the following on-going services:
    • Record deposits and credit card receipts
    • Maintain schedule of all depreciable assets, prepaid expenses, debt, accrued expenses, associated interest, and amortization expenses
    • Sync bill provider to record management
    • Analyze general ledger (GL) including reconciliations, receivables, expenses, assets, and liabilities
  • Process annual federal and state tax returns

Customer Impact

  • Upgraded systems and accounting processes to meet needs of fast-growing business
  • New billing system implemented to automate processes and reduce manual wire transfers susceptible to human error
  • Improved insight into business performance across all entities for enhanced management decision making
  • Advanced ability to easily integrate new acquisitions into current system and processes
  • Ability to limit headcount while utilizing flexible services that expand and contract as business evolves

We Can Help

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