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December 5, 2023

Helping a professional services firm owner develop and implement a succession strategy

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Sole owner of a professional services firm asked Elliott Davis: “How can I prepare myself and the firm now for my transition in the next 10 years?”

  • Law firm based out of Charlotte, with satellite offices throughout smaller towns in the Carolinas
  • Owner has remained the sole owner of the firm even through large growth
  • Senior attorneys interested in ownership
  • Challenged with determining the best option for transferring ownership and setting owner up for financial success upon eventual transition
Our Approach
  • Focused on aligning the direction of the business with the owners’ personal desires and goals
  • Conducted Phase 1 assessment to define succession strategy and priorities using four pillars:
    • Personal: owners’ desires, plans and goals
    • Finance: valuation considerations, value drivers, financial transparency
    • Operations: roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures
    • Governance: legal documents, current ownership structure, operating agreements
  • Then, executed succession strategy initiatives in Phase 2
Client Impact
  • Current owner, now has a succession strategy aligning with her primary goal to transition away from an active role in the firm in the next 10 years
  • Owner understands and has modeled the future impact of recommended strategy to her personal financials
  • Senior attorneys received clarity on firm changes, negotiations are developing alongside external counsel
  • The Firm now has additional initiatives to prepare for future transition (e.g., marketing focus)
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