Case Study
May 14, 2021

IT Consulting Firm and Cohesive Accounting Systems

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Executive Management asked Elliott Davis to help answer: “How can we combine separate financial database instances after a recent acquisition?”


IT Consulting Firm had recently acquired a company and needed to combine separate accounting and finance files with cohesive lists, preferences and processes. The desired accounting system should provide improved efficiencies across people, process, and technology.

Our Approach

Phase 1: Process Analysis Assessment

  • Analyzed daily tasks and identified pain points
  • On-site interviews to document current use and functions, including chart of accounts, month end reporting, workflows, detailed service line and/or location reporting and 3rd party application use
  • Identified best practices for process improvement
  • Proposed technology stack
  • Restructured workflow
  • Implemented standard naming convention across chart of accounts, vendors, customers, inventory

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Set up new enterprise file using updated/restructured lists
  • Reconciled information between current and legacy files
  • Assisted in implementation and migration of third-party apps
  • Relocated legacy files in centralized location

Client Results

  • Merged separate systems into one cohesive system
  • Gained optimal performance of accounting processes
  • Implemented new best practices identified
  • Expedited user adoption with reduction in known painful task areas
  • Avoided maintenance of legacy technology infrastructure
  • Improved reporting and analysis

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