Elliott Davis was asked: “We want to focus on developing new properties and creating maximum value. Can you help provide a full-suite of accounting services, allowing us to focus on our objectives?”


  • Real estate firm focused on developing innovative communities across the Southeast
  • Identifies emerging markets, plans exceptional residential experiences and builds high-quality facilities
  • Needs improved visibility into cash flow, specifically pipeline of bills for prospective development projects

Our Approach

  • Provide accounting services, including:
    • Syncing of bank and credit cards to record deposits, bill-pay providers for cash disbursements, and payroll provider for cost allocation
    • Maintenance of depreciable assets and schedules for expenses, debt, and interest
    • Analysis of general ledger (GL) accounts
    • Processing of federal and state tax forms
    • Monthly reports to quickly prepare for monthly bank draws
  • Additionally, the company needed the following:
    • Assist management with identification of potential cash flow concerns
    • Provide additional services beyond processing bill provider through weekly report that summarizes invoice pipeline
    • Allow management to prioritize and process based on future cash flows

Customer Impact

  • Gained better insight into business’s health by having access to a full picture of their cash flow
  • Improved process and efficiencies from experienced real estate accounting team – including the development of a standardized onboarding process for setting up new projects in general ledger
  • Ability to monitor financial performance at both the property and portfolio levels
  • Ability to limit headcount while utilizing flexible services that expand and contract as business evolves

We Can Help

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