Elliott Davis was asked, “Can you help us automate reports to save time and meet the needs of our customers? We spend too much time on report creation, limiting our ability to focus on analysis.”


  • Provider offers hospital-based coverage to confirm timely and consistent care, as well as collaborative support for local physicians
  • Goal is to elevate the safety and quality of healthcare
  • Audit department ran numerous reports for their hospital clients over a given period
  • Unable to grow client base due to the large process time each report required
  • Needed to automate the reporting process to gain efficiency and meet the client’s needs

Our Approach

  • Reviewed the current reporting and collaborated on proposed modifications
  • Analyzed current datasets and standardized data file
  • Used an agile design process to maintain client engagement
  • Drafted a dashboard in Microsoft Power BI® with test data and added additional insights, analytics, and relevant key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Provided an automated and streamlined report creation process

Customer Impact

  • Standardized report visuals and calculations
  • Automated data refresh with Power BI pipelines.
  • Decreased report creation time by ~85%.
  • The team’s focus shifted from manual reporting to value-driving analysis. (80/20 rule)

“We went from 1.5 weeks to create the report and analysis to 1 day.”

We Can Help

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