Elliott Davis, a business solutions and accounting firm with nine offices across the Southeast, recently relocated their Greenville headquarters to the new Camperdown development in the heart of downtown. Occupying three floors of the 15 story Falls Tower building, the space provides Elliott Davis’ team with a variety of workspaces and integrated technology along with beautiful panoramic views of the city.

While the firm moved into the space in May, the exterior signage viewable from the Camperdown Plaza was recently installed and marks the official address change to the community. The new space reflects the firm’s innovative nature and adaptability, according to Rick Davis, Elliott Davis CEO.

“As business has evolved over the last year, so has Elliott Davis. We are reimagining the rigid framework of the traditional office with our new space. The design is intended to provide greater flexibility in how we work together. The open environment and use of integrated technology will improve collaboration for both in-person and virtual work dynamics”, stated Davis.

One of the largest changes for employees is a new approach to seating. With less than 10 employees having assigned workstations, the vast majority of Greenville team members follow a ‘hoteling’ style of seating, where seats are reserved a week in advance via an app. This allows for flexibility in the type of space needed at any given time, like a private office, collaboration space, or open workstation.

Technology is not only integrated into how employees find a seat, but also into the workstations themselves. All workstations have multiple monitors with an integrated web camera to allow for improved video calls with customers and colleagues from other offices. Meeting spaces are equipped with Microsoft Teams video technology to seamlessly integrate remote participants.

Located in a strategic setting at 355 S. Main Street, the new headquarters underscores the company’s commitment to the city that it has called home since 1925.