Giving Back to the Community

At Elliott Davis, we care. About our customers. About our people. And about our communities.

While no one group is more important than another, we take particular pride in giving back to the people and places that have helped us succeed. Time and again, team members at all levels of our firm have shown they’re more than willing to share their time, talents, or resources to help make their communities better places to live and work.

It’s just who we are. The way we think. What we do. And we’re passionate about it.

That’s why we created Elliott Davis Cares, a company-wide campaign designed to turn our company’s collective passion for helping others into an organized movement.

Our four pillars of service below allow for every team member to find a community opportunity that matches their skill set and interest


Supports and array of hands-on initiatives including repairs, rebuilds, clean-up, and environmental projects.


Focuses on projects designed to improve childhood and adult literacy, develop financial or business skills, mentor at-risk youth, and advocate for children.


Supports community efforts that focus on basic human essentials, such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks, and meal delivery agencies.


Allows for opportunities to participate in, contribute to, or volunteer for charitable walks and runs, annual festivals, fundraising campaigns, and other important community events.

Meet Our Team

Sara Poplin

Ashley Chaffee

Catherine Townsend

See Our Passion in Action