Organizations are facing unprecedented circumstances due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Federal, state and local government actions and policies are requiring businesses to enable their employees to work from home and collaborate with clients remotely. Even manufacturing companies need to consider ways to keep their administrative staff safe and productive in order to protect their employees on the floor from unnecessary exposure.

Businesses need to look to technology solutions to reduce the impact of workers not being able to be in the office or with their clients. Two pragmatic solutions to consider:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology allows employees to connect to company resources remotely and continue working as if they are in the office. While many companies utilize this technology for key staff they often do not possess the licenses to roll the product out to their entire workforce. Additionally, many employees lack the training to utilize VPN effectively. Organizations that are seeking to implement VPN solutions or expand existing implementations need to make sure they do so in a safe and secure manner. Unfortunately, criminals seek to take advantage of situations such as the Coronavirus and they will capitalize on companies that sacrifice security to implement solutions quickly.
  • Remote collaboration tools such as WebEx, Zoom, and Google Hangouts allow your workforce to collaborate and work together when not in the same physical location. Technologies like these are also incredible at making sure that your business stays in touch with its clients and continues to provide them with a similar level of interaction they would normally get with in-person meetings and site visits.

If your organization has concerns about continuing operations or is working to determine the best way to serve its clients and employees Elliott Davis can help. Whether it’s working with your local IT department or managed service provider to ensure your organization has the proper licensing and technology to access your company network or developing training to assist your employees with being more productive while out of the office, we have the expertise to keep your business moving in the right direction.

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