SOC Reporting

Information breaches. Identity theft. Fraud. The demand has never been greater for service organizations to prove they have adequate controls and safeguards in place to protect how they process, store, and transmit customer data. Elliott Davis delivers peace of mind by offering an array of SOC reporting solutions designed to mitigate risk, identify areas for improvement, and enhance financial reporting integrity. The team ensures SOC report compliance through customized assessments and plans.

SOC Report Solutions

Elliott Davis works with clients to:

  • Develop customized plans that deliver the SOC report in a timely manner.
  • Perform testing to ensure internal controls are suitably designed, fairly presented, and for Type 2 reports, operating effectively.
  • Review policies and procedures that standardize processes, mitigate risks, and define the company’s control points.
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies that may exist and provide solutions that increase efficiency, minimize costs, or improve service delivery while maintaining control objectives.
  • Achieve compliance with contractual commitments and regulatory requirements.


  • SOC 1 Reports
  • SOC 2 Reports
  • SOC Readiness Assessments
  • SOC for Cybersecurity

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