Data Privacy

Organizations today face a growing patchwork of data privacy laws across state, federal and international jurisdictions with often competing and conflicting requirements.  This creates mounting challenges for how to interpret and comply with these growing requirements as well as how to convince organizational leadership to make data privacy compliance and strategic priority.  At Elliott Davis, our approach to data privacy focuses on supporting organizations with developing both a clear understanding of your legal requirements and providing tactical advice on developing your people, process and technology to consistently deliver on these requirements.  Our services focus on doing so through a unified privacy program that integrates these disparate privacy frameworks and by leveraging proven vendor accelerators and our alliance of private law firms to deliver a comprehensive data privacy solution.



Our data privacy services support organization with addressing multiple state, Federal and internal laws including HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA across the following

    • Help customers determine scope and prioritization of applicable data privacy laws and generate a roadmap to meet these requirements
    • Perform a health check of data privacy program implementation and provide list of recommendations to address gaps
    • Support customers with instituting privacy processes and technology to meet their program needs
    • Specifically for HIPAA covered entities, support data privacy at healthcare organizations through HIPAA Risk Assessments which are focused on managing a patient’s PHI (Protected Health Information)​


    • Data Privacy Assessment and Program Roadmap
    • Data Inventory and Mapping
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Policy and Procedure Development
    • Privacy Program Enablement

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