Turnaround and Recovery

Managing a crisis or resuscitating a struggling business can be one of the most financially and emotionally traumatic experiences a company ever faces. By performing the health care equivalent of triage—assessing, diagnosing, and treating— the Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services (MCS) team helps struggling organizations develop a consistent, methodical, and objective way to recover and position the business for sustained operational and financial health.


Elliott Davis partners with clients to:

  • Determine the underlying causes of the business disruption and evaluate options to reverse under-performance.
  • Develop and implement a consistent, methodical, and objective turnaround and growth strategy.
  • Reshape organizational behavior at all levels, and foster confidence and buy-in throughout the enterprise.
  • Actively manage short- and long-term business performance.
  • Administer (when needed) crisis management services and interim executive team


  • Manage-by-Fact Approach
  • Intervention and Active Management
  • Stabilize, Improve, and Transfer
  • Strategic Financial and Resource Management
  • Full Initiative Life Cycle Support
  • Triage and Recovery Process

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