Risk Advisory Services

Elliott Davis’s Risk Advisory Services practice audits and advises companies on risk assessment/management, internal controls, and IT security-related standards.

Using a risk-based approach to review and assess these and other threats, Elliott Davis assists clients in managing and performing audits focused on the company’s internal controls, compliance safeguards, and risk management strategies that minimize operational exposures and facilitate organizational growth.


Risk Advisory Services Solutions

Elliott Davis works with clients to provide:

  • Identify and prioritize current or potential risks.
  • Develop holistic governance and risk management standards and procedures.
  • Test systems and processes to ensure data is accurately processed and properly reported.
  • Perform periodic evaluations to assess threats and relevant metrics related to regulatory compliance including SOX.
  • Protect all sensitive materials, data, and information, providing a level of assurance that strengthens relationships with customers and vendor partners.
  • Provide risk advisory consulting services such as enterprise risk management and risk assessments. 

Risk Advisory Services

  • Internal Audit Services & Quality Assurance Reviews
  • IT Internal Audit Services
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Assessments
  • Corporate Governance