Business Systems Consultant Services

Creating a Better System

The most advanced technology is of little value if it can’t be effectively integrated and implemented within an organization’s standard operational workflow. That’s why at Elliott Davis, we view business systems software and related services as a cohesive ecosystem comprised of three separate yet interrelated components: people, processes, and technology.

So when helping clients evaluate and improve the design and function of their business systems technology stack, we look beyond the programs and applications, digging deep to uncover any disconnects and deficiencies among these three core elements. Then, we design strategies to maximize the company’s current technology or identify more appropriate solutions, correct process inefficiencies, and place individuals where they can make the greatest possible impact.

Our Business Systems Consultant Solutions

  • Accounting software application research and implementation
  • Project manage your accounting system implementation
  • Individual or group training

Business Resilience: Response Management

Business owners and company management teams are faced with navigating today’s response, but must also position for success tomorrow.

Every crisis creates both unexpected problems and unprecedented opportunities. Businesses must learn from the COVID-19 crisis, react quickly to emerging trends, and invest in renewed success and growth.

Learn more about response management by reviewing these fundamentals