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The most advanced technology is of little value if it can’t be effectively integrated and implemented within an organization’s standard operational processes and workflow.

At Elliott Davis, we view business systems software and related services as a cohesive ecosystem comprised of three separate yet interrelated components: people, processes, and technology. When helping customers evaluate and improve the design and function of their business systems technology stack, we look beyond the programs and applications, digging deep to uncover any disconnects and deficiencies among these three core elements. Then, we design strategies to maximize the company’s current technology or identify more appropriate solutions, correct process inefficiencies, and place individuals where they can make the greatest possible impact.

Additionally, Elliott Davis is technology-agnostic. We base our analysis, selection, and implementation of software on the needs of our customer’s business processes, organizational structure, and desires to improve productivity and access real-time information.

Here’s How We Can Help

Business systems analysis, software selection, integration, and implementation

Software application research and validation

Alignment of business processes with system design and configuration

Project manage and coordinate entire system implementation

Data migration from legacy or other applications

Business technology ecosystem evaluations

Identification of process inefficiencies with roadmap to improvement

Analysis of data flow and usage across entire lifecycle

Customized reporting

Executive/Management dashboard creation

Advanced financial analytics of profit/revenue by product, client, department, geography, etc.

Customized report setup

Chart of accounts restructuring

Technology training, conversions, and upgrades

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