Business Resilience: Response Management

Business owners and company management teams are faced with navigating today’s response, but must also position for success tomorrow.

Every crisis creates both unexpected problems and unprecedented opportunities. Businesses must learn from the COVID-19 crisis, react quickly to emerging trends, and invest in renewed success and growth.

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Your Roadmap to Success

• Establish a safe and healthy employee work environment

• Ruthlessly gather, analyze, and respond to market intelligence

• Transition to remote work & monitor impact of absenteeism on operations

• Establish clear internal and external communication channels

• Establish “War Room” to enable timely, informed decisions and info sharing

• Secure technology platforms


Market analysis, changes to consumer behavior, sales channels impact, industry and regulatory inputs

Primary Leadership Objectives

  • Workforce safety, maintaining engagement
  • Managing cash flow and expense discipline
  • Effective coordination across stakeholders
  • Enablement of remote work, data security
  • Impact of latest regulatory news
  • Continuity of supply, maintaining production capabilities
  • Recognizing shifts in top line performance and opportunities to replace

Cash Management

Model cash projections and identify the levers with the biggest impact to expense reduction

Gather Intelligence

Arm management with timely external and internal facts & analysis to inform critical decisions

Coordinate Efforts

Bring functional leaders together regularly to share intelligence and collectively problem solve

Prioritize / Decide

Implement a robust critical issues management process for timely resolution and action


Implement and maintain a consistent communication strategy with employees and stakeholders

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