Pandemic Response Planning

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the threat a pandemic can cause to business operations due to illness of employees, enacted containment measures, and transportation disruptions, among others.  It is imperative to plan properly for these types of events to ensure the success and continued operation of your business.

A pandemic response plan outlines actions to follow in the event an organization or place of work is impacted by the spread of a dangerous virus.  The actions taken by governments in China, Japan, South Korea, and Italy are demonstrating the need for organizations to consider the impact to their workforce in the event their employees are forbidden to travel, schools and universities are closed, and/or a significant number of employees are sick and unable to work.

Here are some questions to consider in planning for an outbreak of the coronavirus or other pandemics:

  • What percentage of your employees can work from home efficiently?
  • Do you have sufficient computing resources to allow all of your staff to work remotely every day?
  • What staff are critical to be in the office to run your business?
  • How does a public transit shutdown impact your business?
  • How does a restriction of airline travel impact your business?
  • If schools and universities close for a significant amount of time how will it impact your workforce (parents taking leave/unable to work)?

These are the types of questions executive management, in coordination with information technology teams, should consider in light of the spread of the coronavirus globally.  While the virus itself is difficult to forecast, most experts predict that it will be with us for quite some time.  Now is the time to make sure your business has the proper plans in place to continue operations and prioritize critical deliverables.

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Questions about Pandemic Response Plans?