Executive Management asked Elliott Davis to help answer, “We have invested in new accounting and POS systems. Would you help us sunset our previous POS system and integrate the new applications and optimize workflow and structure?”


  • Needed assistance in design, planning and implementation of new accounting and Point of Sale (POS) system, as well as  field service management (FSM) application
  • Required the sunset of previous POS system
  • Specific focus on structure and workflow between accounting system and POS related to inventory placement and tracking, file structure for accounting/reporting purposes
  • Needed integration of new FSM and accounting system

Our Approach

Provided client with phased approach:

Phase 1: Analysis of current processes and systems in preparation for new system implementation

Phase 2: Guidance and support throughout implementation process; helped organize team to ensure optimal configuration and timely results •

Phase 3: Provided support during go-live and assisted with needed modifications as well as import of transactions data

Customer Impact

  • Defined and improved workflow and processes to implement into new system
  • Engaged internal team early in process to meet knowledge workers demands and expectations
  • Optimized configuration of new system to meet business and organizational needs
  • Success change management with training and go-live support

We Can Help

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