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Sustainable results to maintain and enhance operations are essential, as well as proper controls that give you complete confidence. With the economic challenges educational organizations face today, a fresh look and a new perspective to solve old or emerging problems can make all the difference.

The Elliott Davis Education Consulting & Advisory Services team brings customers invaluable experience and expansive consulting capabilities to help your organization execute smart, efficient, and sustainable solutions that meet long-term objectives. As a collaborative advisor, we take a 360-degree approach to understanding your operations, providing action, and delivering results-oriented solutions.

Here’s How We Can Help

• Board training
Business Systems & Technology Consulting
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
• Donor and Estate planning
• Enterprise risk management
Financial modeling
Forensic auditing

• Fundraising program accounting
Governance, Risk & Compliance
• Human Resource management
• Indirect cost allocation plans
• Information system analysis
• Internal control evaluation

• Internal Audit Development and Evaluation
• Investment valuation
• Management/UPMIFA reporting
• Rate development and analysis
Strategic and sustainability planning

Our Team

Janice Ratica

Managing Director

Jennifer Goodman

Managing Director

Denise Hill

Senior Manager

Howard E. Houston


Brittany Kirkland

Senior Manager

Tom McNeish


CJ Palmer

Senior Manager

Education Consulting & Advisory Services

Lindsay Ball

Managing Director

Molly Waring

Senior Manager

Case Studies

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