Leaders of a firm asked Elliott Davis: “Can you help us implement an inventory management system which links to our Warehouse Management Software?”


  • Premier event rental company located in Northeast U.S.
  • Expanded warehouse and inventory capacity to meet growing demand and relieve space constraints of current facility
  • Lack of sufficient inventory processes in place. No defined SKU locations, bin labeling, or pick routes

Our Approach

  • Assessed current inventory capacity, designed layout for additional racking, and supported vendor selection for new racking
  • Created bin labeling system and ensured integration with existing warehouse management software (WMS)
  • Analyzed historical demand data to create ABC analysis for SKU prioritization
  • Designed inventory management system based on SKU demand and quantity and integrated with warehouse management software (WMS) to optimize pick paths

Client Impact

  • Comprehensive inventory management system:           
    • Bin labeling system implemented
    • SKUs assigned to bin locations and integrated with WMS
    • Pick sheets updated to show optimized pick routes

We also helped this customer with process automation and improvements.

We Can Help

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