Elliott Davis was asked: “What are the risks with our planned IT investment, and will it help meet our strategic business objectives?”


  • Full-service Chemical company supporting custom development and manufacturing services as well as delivery of internal product lines
  • Processes were extremely manual, without standardized workflows managed by chemical ‘recipes’ stored in paper binder
  • IT outsourced with limited alignment to corporate and business objectives
  • Based on interviews, Elliott Davis engaged to support these project tracks:
    1. Identify how IT can effectively improve manufacturing processes, including delivery times and earnings
    2. Evaluate IT operations to identify areas of potential improvement
    3. Provide project management

Our Approach

Track 1: IT Investment Evaluation

  • Assessed solution costs, labor, hardware, and software
  • Performed viability analysis of provider and its competitors
  • Provided return on investment analysis and input into solution implementation plan

Track 2: Assessing IT Performance

  • Evaluated current state IT including strategy, people, processes, and technology
  • Performed benchmark of IT spend
  • Assessed environment cybersecurity and compliance gaps

Track 3: Project Management

  • Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and data historian database
  • Installation of new server and Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Managed and coordinated pace and costs associated with three different software/ hardware solutions

Customer Impact

Track 1: Moved from paper binders to tablet with real-time feed to ERP system

  • Immediate improvement in quality assurance testing- delivery, speed, and results
  • Improved on-time delivery and real-time inventory management
  • Reduced rush delivery costs
  • Realized ability to grow without limited headcount investment
  • Ability to identify cycle time issues immediately, vs. in 4 to 6 weeks

Track 2: Scorecard of results delivered, including detailed analysis and recommendations

  • Identified areas of highest risk in IT operations and delivery
  • Developed series of short-term and long-term recommendations and focus areas based on planned IT investment

Track 3: Project Management

  • Project completed on time and within budget!

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