Executive Management asked Elliott Davis to help answer: “We have made a significant investment in our ERP system, but our numbers look odd – cash reconciliation is off and inventory is not being costed properly. What is the problem?


  • Major distributor located in North and South Carolina
  • Identified an issue with daily transactions flowing through ERP
  • Numbers are off and inventory is not properly costed
  • Know something is wrong, but do not have resources with expertise in software and software vendor not familiar with business processes

Our Approach

  • Assisted company in better utilization of current ERP system
  • Analyzed company’s file structure and workflows within system in relation to daily business processes
  • Examined reporting and transaction flows between company’s subsidiary ledgers and general ledger
  • Provided recommendations for improvement of file structure and best practices of daily workflow
  • Delivered list of next steps and action items from findings, as well as best practice to complete activities with least disruption of ERP structure

Customer Impact

  • Received unbiased 3rd party review of ERP system design
  • Addressed gaps in system and revealed productivity issues
  • Identified areas of enhancement for improved efficiency and optimal performance and results
  • Aligned technology to process and people
  • Secured tangible savings via increased efficiencies and productivity 

We Can Help

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