Leaders asked Elliott Davis: “Can you help us improve visibility into financial performance to support decision-making?”


  • Personal injury and accident law firm
  • Goal is to be the number one firm in the state of South Carolina
  • Firm was leveraging an external firm to manually prepare weekly management reports
  • Utilizing MS Excel and PowerPoint to share critical information
  • Needed further visibility into metrics from closed cases, including duration and revenue to enable improved forecasting

Our Approach

  • Used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data to create monthly financial presentations
    • Defined averages of three legal categories: Civil, Defense, and Associated
    • Calculated data sets to forecast revenue based on pipeline (predictive analytics)
  • Developed detailed dashboards with trend analysis by type and attorney
  • Additionally developed automated MS Power BI management dashboard to improve operations

Client Impact

  • Improve insight into staff (attorney and manager) performance
  • Gained ability to forecast based on pipeline
  • Enhanced insight into short-term financial performance
  • Ability to complete trend analysis of revenue by type of case and attorney
  • Visibility into case key performance indicators (KPIs) for duration and revenue
  • Eliminated expense to external firm for weekly reporting

We Can Help

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