Your Career Starts Now

ENGAGE is a firm-wide onboarding experience for first-year staff. We provide you with the tools needed to begin full-time employment at Elliott Davis. You’ll also have opportunities throughout the year to begin fulfilling your personal and professional goals, setting your course for success.

We help you hit the ground running

Learn about the firm’s processes, practices and culture
Set goals and work hard to achieve them
Collaborate and connect with colleagues to solve problems for customers
Develop leadership, communication and technical skills necessary in your role
Grow from numerous coaching and training opportunities that will equip you for the future

Our Community


On your first day, you will connect with your ENGAGE Guide who will aid your integration into the firm. Then join peers and team members for an orientation at corporate headquarters in Greenville, SC, where you will get the tools you need to begin a career with us. After your first year you will help select a coach who will mentor you on your way to a successful career.


Discover who we are as a firm and understand your role within our organization. Learn about our benefits, our culture and training opportunities. Over the course of the year, ENGAGE Academy will provide you with development, feedback and opportunities that help you achieve your career goals as quickly as possible. Learn in an environment where work gets done and new ideas are welcome.


Our values guide us in how we work, how we make decisions and what we do each day. We invest in our people. From coaching programs with one-on-one mentoring to feedback on performance evaluations and guidance on goal setting, we are a firm that allows you to not only succeed, but to exceed your aspirations.

ENGAGE by the Numbers

$5,000 bonus for passing CPA exam before starting employment

40+ professional development hours per year

One-on-one mentoring and coaching


Q: Does Elliott Davis have a coaching program?

Yes. After you finish Engage, you help select an individual coach, usually a senior-level employee, to serve as a guide them through your first year.

Q: Does Elliott Davis cover costs for the CPA exam?

Yes. Elliott Davis will purchase the Becker program and cover the costs for each part of the exam the first time it is taken. A bonus is given to employees who pass the CPA exam prior to starting at Elliott Davis.

Q: What does busy season look like?

While maintaining our commitment to a flexible work policy, a first-year staff member typically works between 50-60 hours a week during busy season (January–April).