Elliott Davis Community Banking Advisor Newsletter Winter 2010

Do you know if your bank has a capital defense plan that’s sufficient to help it prepare for regulatory exams? And are you up-to-date on the current FASB guidance that changes the way other-than-temporary impairments (OTTI) are recorded for certain securities?

We are pleased to present the Winter 2010 issue of Community Banking Advisor. In it, we discuss:

  • Best practices to help prepare a capital defense plan at a time when regulators are increasingly concerned about risky commercial real estate loans,
  • The comprehensive changes that will soon take effect for rules regarding UDAP (unfair or deceptive acts or practices) and Regulation Z (truth in lending),
  • Changes in recording OTTI, which can have a significant impact on bank earnings and regulatory capital, and
  • Ways to manage confidentiality risks when outsourcing tasks to vendors.

The ideas we discuss in Community Banking Advisor are relevant to your success, and we would welcome your questions or comments.


Click here to read the Winter 2010 issue of Community Banking Advisor.