March 16, 2020

As we are all navigating issues related to COVID-19, we understand the impact on our families, businesses, and communities is weighing heavy on those we serve. Our role in safeguarding and supporting our employees and customers through this uncharted territory is one we take seriously, and we are committed to working alongside you to overcome any challenges you or your business may face in the days and weeks ahead.

Elliott Davis has been working diligently to ensure our people and our customers are in a strong position, even amid uncertain circumstances. We are following CDC guidelines closely to protect the safety and well-being of all in our network.

As a precautionary measure, Elliott Davis will transition to a remote work environment immediately. Additionally, the Firm is restricting non-essential travel and will communicate with customers via virtual platforms to enable us all to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Our remote work systems are designed to allow our employees to serve our customers from any location, and we are committed to the same exceptional quality we have always focused on delivering as we move forward.

Elliott Davis is also closely monitoring possible changes related to regulatory compliance and associated deadlines. We will keep you informed as updates are confirmed so we can implement appropriate measures to progress forward seamlessly.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. The privilege of serving our customers, our people, and our communities is an honor for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you for entrusting us to be a partner in charting the path forward. We are confident that, together, we will not only get important work done, but we will all also emerge from the challenges before us stronger than ever.


Rick Davis, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Elliott Davis