Closely Held Business Advisor: Your Partner in the Pursuit of Excellence

Like the businesses we serve, Elliott Davis must constantly adapt to the market forces that drive change. So, to remain a leader in our field and continue providing value-added services, we’re extending our reach and broadening our portfolio. The product of this thinking is Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services (MCS), your partner in the pursuit of business excellence. 

A Focused Approach To Problem-Solving

Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services (MCS) is an end-to-end business consulting practice that’s committed to a single, straightforward mission: providing clients with simple, practical and results-oriented solutions to the challenges that impact their businesses.

To achieve this goal, the MCS team concentrates on six core disciplines, all of which are interrelated:

  • Business Strategy: MCS develops and unites clients behind three- to four-year strategic plans that are clear, concise and executable.
  • Business Optimization: MCS identifies areas of waste and helps clients implement more efficient processes.
  • Project Management: MCS helps clients conduct projects in a more timely, methodical and effective manner.
  • Technology Advisory: MCS assesses clients’ technology blueprint and helps create a plan that aligns with the overarching business strategy.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: MCS performs comprehensive due diligence and post-close integration services for corporate acquisitions, as well as “sell-side” consulting for clients seeking an exit strategy.
  • Turnaround/Recovery: MCS works with struggling companies and/or projects to develop a consistent, methodical and objective way to recover.

Business Solutions With a Personal Touch

Our pledge at Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services (MCS) is simple, yet profound: to treat our clients the way we appreciate being treated.

When a company partners with MCS, our team invests the time to thoroughly analyze the areas within the business that are disrupting productivity and keeping the organization from reaching its full potential. Then, we develop and help clients implement a customized plan that’s simple, practical and results-oriented.

The MCS approach to problem-solving isn’t mere theory. Our strategies have been vetted by hundreds of practical—and highly successful—applications in companies of every size, type and industry.

Comprehensive Strategies For Growth and Sustainability

As a practice, we realize that Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services (MCS) can’t be all things to all people—and we don’t try to be.

Rather than casting products and services far and wide, the MCS team drills down into the aforementioned six core disciplines to develop the most comprehensive solutions for companies struggling in those areas.

By remaining laser-focused on this niche, the MCS team is uniquely positioned to help small- to medium-sized businesses—specifically, those whose annual revenues range from $20 million to $1 billion—improve profitability, reduce or eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance operational performance.

Leading the Charge

The person tapped to oversee Elliott Davis’ expanding Management Consulting Services (MCS) practice is Tom Uva.

A highly respected business and technology leader whose knowledge is rivaled only by his passion, Uva brings more than 25 years of operational experience in such industries as aerospace and defense, distribution, financial services and public utilities. He has also worked extensively in academia, and currently serves as an adjunct faculty member in graduate-level programs at Clemson University and Syracuse University.

“We’re problem-solvers. Our MCS team starts by correctly defining the problem statement(s), identifying root causes, developing alternatives and strategies, then analyzing improvements with both scientific and business measures. From there, we provide our client partners with tools that can be applied in a simple, practical and results-oriented way.”  —Tom Uva, Practice Director, Elliott Davis Management Consulting Services

We Can Help

If you believe your company would benefit from working with the MCS team and would like to understand more about how we can work together to deliver improved operating results, please contact your Elliott Davis professional or Tom Uva directly at