Trustees Board asked Elliott Davis to help answer: “How can we reduce our risk and exposure as it relates to cybersecurity across each of our campuses and the Office of the President?”


University Office of President requested a holistic view of the entire university cybersecurity posture (six independent campuses and the President’s office). They expressed a desire to have reports feed current university heat map management report.

Our Approach

  • Profiled current state of technical and business/management capabilities
  • Leveraged weighted and scoring methodology of CIS Critical Security Controls framework
  • Delivered heat map based on algorithm of weighted categories by importance and maturity across all campuses
  • Provided Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) to track risk mitigation activities and remediating security gaps
  • Identified areas that can be jointly addressed with system-wide solutions

Customer Results

  • Identified areas of risk that could lead to exposure
  • Suggested remediation steps of security gaps to protect all campuses and Office of the President
  • Enabled leveraging of one report (heat map) to monitor possible areas of risk on a regular basis
  • Developed understanding of current cyber risks associated with cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other internal and external threats

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