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Our highly experienced Analytics and Insights team specializes in providing unique solutions to a wide array of data-centric problems encountered by companies of all types and sizes. 

When deployed effectively, analytical solutions provide you with enhanced transparency and new insights into your business. By better harnessing the power of your data, you can improve your company’s ability to mitigate risk, anticipate business needs, improve deliverables, and increase customer satisfaction. This elevated understanding will unlock the full power of your financial and operational information allowing you to find solutions and lead your business to the next level.

If the process of drawing insights from data is too time-consuming, overly frustrating, or seemingly impossible – the Elliott Davis Analytics and Insight team can help.

Automated Data Collection & Gathering

Streamlined data gathering through direct data linkages, advanced formulas and macros

Data Visualization Design & Delivery

Designed and deliver of on premise dashboards

Real-Time Operational Reporting

Design and maintenance of web-based dashboards

Compliance Analytics

Mathematical/statistical analysis in support of a company’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and remediation efforts

Ad-Hoc Mathematical & Analytics Services

Unique solutions for your unique circumstances

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Brad Northington


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